Sponsorship Opportunities!

We invite you to sponsor the Maryland March for Life this year!
Exhibitor registration

1. To register click the link below.

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We know that this year the abortion lobby is working harder than ever to enshrine abortion rights in our state even if Roe vs. Wade is overturned.  We are continuing to work hard to bring together pro-life leaders from all over our area to work as a cohesive group to stop the advancement of an abortion referendum in its tracks.  We also know that Compassion and Choices is working overtime for a seventh re-introduction of a physician-assisted suicide bill which was defeated once again last year!


We do not need to detail the unprecedented challenges we have faced since last year since we know you have been living those same challenges. The Maryland March for Life has taken many different directions over the years, based on need and space, but this year will see the most dramatic changes to our setup ever.  We are offering a slightly different format this year for partnering with us and are seeking your help to make it possible.  Because you have been a supporter in the past or are currently looking to gain more visibility for your pro-life organization, we would like to offer you the opportunity of sponsorship for our newly designed demonstration.


 We are going to be unable to host our regularly scheduled religious services, rally, or mixer for the Maryland March for Life 2021 due to restrictions related to COVID-19 at every venue location. We will instead be organizing a “life chain-like” sidewalk demonstration around the Miller Senate Building (11 Bladen Avenue) in downtown Annapolis. Additionally, in anticipation of a potential early end to the legislative session again this year, we are moving the date of the March for Life up to Thursday, February 4, 2021 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. To host our event, we still cherish your support and partnership. Please consider one of the following sponsorship opportunities for 2021 to help our March as well as promote your pro-life organization.


Gold: $500

-Organization name and logo listed as a Maryland March for Life Co-Sponsor on all featured advertising including website and social media.

-Organization name and/or logo featured on all 2021 email blasts to our list (1500+ Marylanders)

-Large-sized organization name and/or logo displayed on the large March for Life Banner.

-Verbal mention at the sidewalk event as a co-sponsor


Silver: $250

-Organization name and/or logo featured on our website and event page as a supporter

-Medium-sized organization name and/or logo displayed on the large March for Life Banner.


Bronze: $100

-Small-sized organization name and/or logo on the large March for Life Banner and listed as a co-sponsor on all Maryland March for Life communications and social media.


*All Logos and messaging from sponsors must comply with our long-standing Table Policy (see link at bottom of page)

This year will be a crucial year for the pro-life movement in Maryland.  We look forward to partnering with you for this year's MD March for Life and for the many chances to come together for a common cause in the year ahead.  Contact Ali Rak at mdmarchforlife@gmail.com with your sponsorship pledge by January 31 (cash, check, and PayPal accepted).

Policy on Allowance of Table at the Maryland March for Life

A. While respecting all other policies of the Maryland March for Life including but not limited to deadline for payment and review of materials, the Maryland March for Life shall require proof of good standing with the Maryland Office of the Secretary of State for all charitable organizations or organizations which would otherwise qualify as charitable organizations, with the Maryland Board of Elections for all Political Action Committees and candidates for office or those which would otherwise qualify as such under state law, federal law for any federal candidates/political action committees, and with the Maryland State Ethics Commission for all lobbying organizations or organization which employ one or more lobbyists or would otherwise qualify as such according to state law.

B. If any organization seeking a table does not meet the requirements of (A), the Maryland March for Life may consider a reasonable explanation for not meeting such requirements such as clear evidence of an attempt to meet such standards or evidence indicating such requirements do not apply to the organization. 

C. The Maryland March for Life may not show partiality in applying (A) and (B). 

D. The Maryland March for Life reserves the right to reject any applicant for a table at the Maryland March for Life when an extreme issue is clearly present, including, but not limited to anything that might negatively affect the credibility and good standing of the Maryland March for Life.